FAQ’s For Sellers

What should I do to my home to get it ready to put on the market?

Our Owner’s Checklist, Checklist for Showings, and Photographer’s Pre-Shoot Checklist (included on our Resources page) provide many tips to help you prepare your home for Buyers.


Why should I list with Sorrell and Company versus another Realtor?


Complete an actual appraisal of your home that will define the current market value (i.e., the price a ready, willing, and able purchaser would pay for your property). By using one of our on-staff Ohio Licensed Appraisers, we feel this valuation process will be more accurate than a “market analysis” which is typically offered by a Realtor. You can use this appraisal whether you choose to list with our office or another firm.

We will work for you full-time, as your professional sales associate, to sell your home for the highest possible price, in the least amount of time, using our expertise to make this a smooth and pleasant transaction.


To MARKET your home, we will:

Hire a professional photographer to take photos of your home highlighting its best features and have a professional printer complete a full color brochure for potential Buyers who view your home.

Enter your home into our own Multiple Listing System with the Columbus Board of Realtors where more than 4,000 Realtors will have the ability to match their prospects with your home.

Advertise your home on our own web page, www.sorrellandco.com, social media, and the national web-sites, www.realtor.com and zillow.com.

Send direct mail listing announcements to surrounding communities and neighborhoods.

Place your home on the Realtor Tour allowing all Realtors the opportunity to preview your home and match it with their own Buyer database.

Advertise your home in the community “This Week” as we have found this avenue to be successful in the local communities.

Advertise open houses in The Columbus Dispatch (printed newspaper and on-line) to attract potential Buyers to your home.

Insure that the companies we represent (Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Riverside Hospital, OSU Hospital, Adena Hospital, Mid-Ohio Cardiology, etc.) are aware that your home is available not only for incoming employees but people currently on staff.


In SHOWING your home, we will:

Consider all serious prospective Buyers and counsel them in every possible financial option.

Carefully follow up with anyone who previews your home.

Counsel you on all offers and negotiate the best possible price for you.


To INFORM you, we will:

Notify you as soon as possible of any request to show your house.

Provide you with a written copy of any documents you may sign regarding the sale of your home.

Explain in detail all instruments, transactions, and procedures from contract to closing.

Accompany you to settlement, counseling you through the entire process, or represent you at the closing by having papers prepared in advance for your review.


What costs will I incur with the sale of my home?

We can calculate your expenses (real estate tax pro-rations, title fees, Realtor commissions, mortgage payoffs, etc.) to arrive at an estimated net proceeds in order to show you what your bottom line will be.


Can you give me an idea of what my home is worth?

Having a licensed appraiser on staff means we can have your home appraised whether you choose to use our firm or not. More importantly, we feel it is in your best interest to have an accurate valuation of your home so you can decide whether to place your home on the market today or in the future.


How important is the condition of my house?

Generally speaking, the condition of your home is very important. However, there are ways of improving the marketability of your home without spending a great deal of money. Buying a new welcome mat, cleaning out closets, applying a fresh coat of paint, performing a thorough cleaning, and reorganizing closets are inexpensive ways of enhancing the appearance of your home. Our Owner’s Checklist, Tips for Preparing for Showings, and Photographer’s Pre-Shoot Checklist (included on our Resources page) provide more specifics.

Our agent will walk through your home with you, making suggestions on what to highlight, what might need to be de-cluttered, and how to best feature your home to prospective Buyers.

Let us put our experience to work for you. We have helped sell thousands of homes and properties. We know what is important to both Buyers and Sellers. We promise to do our best to make this transaction a smooth and pleasant one.


Should I leave my home during showings?

Yes. For a potential Buyer to feel at ease while viewing your home, it’s best that you not be present during showings. If the Buyer is using an agent, the agent will accompany them. If the Buyer is not represented by a Realtor, your Sorrell & Company agent will be present.

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